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  • Achilles Plush
  • Achilles Plush
  • Achilles Plush
  • Achilles Plush

NOTE: This batch of Achilles plush is prone to Rare Squeaker Placements. His squeaker may be found anywhere from the upper body/neck up to the lower regions of his head. You may prepare to search him thoroughly to find his squeaker. All other elements of his body still conform to the description below.

✦ 17” tall.
✦ Minky fabric with embroidered details.
✦ Squeaker!!
✦ Undressable, comes with a three-piece outfit!

Oh god not this dude. Seventeen inches tall and barely tolerable, this plush incarnation of Achilles is the closest you can get to the real thing in your home (whatever life choices led you to wanting that is none of my business). He's made of soft minky and practically life-size, rivaling the length of a real cat (a real cat would win in a fight. a houseplant would win in a fight) with embroidered details.

He even mewls pathetically just like the genuine article, thanks to his squeaker.

All markings are accurate to the comic, and he arrives dressed in his standard outfit: sweater, shirt with tie, and pants. Each clothing item is a separate piece and fully removable so you can dress him as you please (or leave him undressed if you're some kind of freak). Note that some clothing items are a bit tight and may require some light manhandling to get on and off... not that Achilles minds.

Achilles Postcards are also available as an add-on to plush preorders for $1 and no extra shipping cost. Postcards bought without a plush will be sent "naked" through the mail, stamped and addressed; postcards added to a plush will arrive with the plush, clean and unstamped. Ordering a postcard as an add-on is the only way to get a clean, unstamped Achilles Postcard.

Not intended as a toy for children ages 12 or younger. The Achilles plush has not been evaluated for child safety and is intended for adult fans. I'm not really sure how you would explain him to a child anyway.